WET REPUBLIC manufactures high quality shower bases and bathtubs that are hand-crafted from LUCITE® cross-linked cast acrylic construction, which combine a smooth, rich color, and non-porous surface strengthened by multilayer backing and fiberglass for excellent durability. Our tubs offer timeless beauty and will last a lifeime

With WET REPUBLIC - LUCITE® cast acrylic bathtubs and shower bases you will have:

• Strength and durability in your luxury bathtub & shower base that last forever
• Resistance to everyday wear & tear, scratches & many harsh household chemicals
• Easy to take care qualities that make cleaning and maintenance quick
• Lightweight for easy installation
• Rich color that won’t fade over time
• Beautiful warm, smooth surface that feels comfortable against your skin

With LUCITE® acrylic, you have a deep rich glossy color with a brilliant glow that runs through to the core inside the material.

WET REPUBLIC - LUCITE® acrylic color has a luster and glow that will never fade and make your shower bases and bathtubs be the centerpiece in your luxury bathroom.

How to tell the difference between a bathtub or shower base made of LUCITE® acrylic and one made from ABS acrylic?

Unlike other acrylic bathtubs, WET REPUBLIC - LUCITE® acrylic has a luminous beauty which is unmatched.

With a surface that is non-porous WET REPUBLIC - LUCITE® acrylic shower bases and bathtubs will keep its shine forever.

This is our high standard of cratismanship behind WET REPUBLIC LUCITE ® acrylic products, that create an exquisitely crafted bathtub and shower base that will retain its beauty forever.

Let your senses experience the “Spa Essence” with WET REPUBLIC - LUCITE® bathtubs and shower bases.

As you move your hand over the surface you will feel warmth as LUCITE ® acrylic is able to retain heat.

LUCITE® acrylic allows for a better showering & bathing experience from the sensual smoothness of the surface as it cushions your body.

The LUCITE® acrylic surface is designed to have superior resistance to staining and is incredibly strong.

Choose a WET REPUBLIC - LUCITE® acrylic shower base & bathtub for lasting style and peace of mind & the freedom it gives you to create a spa experience in your bath space.


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