Should I Be Using Tempered or Heat-Strengthened Glass?

Trying to choose the right glass for a job can be quite a difficult decision – especially if you haven’t made the choice regularly before. When it comes to looking into the style of each form of glass, you want to know that you have made the right choice as making the wrong decision can choose to be quite an expensive error. Typically, you have two choices – you can use tempered glass, or heat-strengthened glass.

Tempered Glass

Typically, tempered glass (or toughened glass) is much stronger than typical glass due to the way in which it is made. It’s made using thermal and/or chemical treatments to strengthen the quality of the glass. The outer parts of the glass go through a compression period while the inner glass is in tension. What this means is that when the glass actually breaks, it falls into small tiny granular fragments instead of falling into large, dangerous shards. Granules are less likely to cause injury, making this a really popular form of safety glass – and not just for the durability. This makes the glass perfect for high-traffic areas where collisions and or contact with the glass could be more likely or even regularly. Tempered glass is especially better if you have children and for the elderly. As well as Thicker Tempered glass that is 8mm and higher as it can stronger them glass 6mm and less. While durable and safe to use, it will break after enough hits and the way it shatters is far safer for those around when it does break.

  • Typically, Tempered Glass is up to five times the strength of typical glass with the same thickness – making it an excellent safety tool
  • It breaks into tiny pieces when finally broken
  • It’s safety glazing specialist tool, and ticks all the right boxes on any given test
  • It’s got a higher resistance to thermal stress than even heat-strengthened glass
  • Thickness can range from 1/8” (3mm) - 3/4” (19mm)
  • Minimum size will be 9” x 14” (15” diagonal)
  • Maximum size will be 96” x 168”
  • Preferred thickness for safety should be 5/16” (8mm) and Higher for Shower Doors.

So, when would you actually look to use tempered glass?

  • Typically in high wind-load areas
  • “Break Glass” panels
  • Glass entrances and/or storefronts
  • High-risk areas in terms of contact
  • Any Safety Glazing required zones
  • Shower Doors

All WetRepublicDesigns Shower doors made to a high standard of quality tempered glass and come in glass thickness (8mm) and higher as anything less, we found to be more likely to break easier.

Heat-Strengthened Glass

Heat-Strengthened glass has its benefits over tempered glass, as it heats the glass to around 1,300Fo and then cools it with air in a quick time period to avoid any damage to the glass. This means that over time the glass is strengthened using the heat, and can become at least double the strength of a typical piece of normal glass. While it has a similar creation process to tempered glass, it’s not actually considered a form of safety glass and is more likely to fall into large, potentially dangerous shards than a tempered equivalent.

  • It’s nowhere near as safe as tempered glass as it brings the large shards with it when it shatters
  • It’s got less distortion and a clearer view than temper glass
  • It’s got high stress resistance compares to normal glass
  • And is twice as strong as typical glass
  • Thickness will range from 1/8” (3mm) - 3/4” (19 mm)
  • Minimum size will be 9” x 14” (15” diagonal)
  • Maximum size will be 96” x 168”

So, where would you typically use this type of glass?

  • Areas with high wind loads
  • Solariums
  • Skylights
  • Areas where extra thermal resistance is needed
The Ideal Glass Protection Solution

If you are looking to make your shower door decision for your own needs and cannot come to a suitable conclusion, then let WetRepublicDesigns help. We use a process on our product that acts as a coating which fuses to your glass and gives it extra protection, as well. It can take the high temperatures needed to actually strengthen your glass in the first place, and ensure that you can meet the safety requirements for any shower areas. This will preserve the quality of the shower room for years to come.

Our Tempered Glass has been tested in both thermal and chemical environments, and has shown no signs of damage, weakness or corrosion. While using the same tests on other tempered glass, there was a significant distortion to the quality of the glass as a whole.

So, what are the key benefits of WetRepublicDesigns products to your glass needs?

  • Capable of withstanding high-end cleaning for years – better than any typical shower glass product
  • Compatible with just about every non-abrasive shelf cleaner out there
  • With more than 1,000 testing hours completed, this is absolutely certain to meet standards for safety and provide you with longevity
  • No additional equipment required – everything comes prepared to go and you wouldn’t even notice that it’s there such is the effect is has on the quality and aesthetic value of the glass in the first place

So, what are you waiting for? This can be the ideal solution for any residential or commercial location to up its safety and ensure the quality of glass used in the property retains its sheen & safety from the day it first arrived. Contact WetRepublicDesigns today for more information.

Frameless Shower Doors

Frameless shower doors can provide a classy and rather timeless effect, so if you are looking to add this effect to your bathroom then look no further. Outside of windows in your home, shower doors will typically be one of the most glass-oriented purchases that you make, so getting the right quality of glasswork is very important – at WetRepublicDesigns, we make sure you get just that. Trends are changing and evolving and today we see more & more people using frameless shower doors as a minimalist effect becomes the way to go in the bathroom.

So, what benefits do you get from using the many frameless shower doors that WetRepublicDesigns provides?

  • For a start, they are extremely easy to use and easily accessible. Some people might be put off by thinking that it may be hard to use or notice, but this isn’t the case at all. The style can be a sliding door, a swinging door or even a folding door – whatever you want, the shower door you pick will be easily noticeable from the other frames in the shower
  • Additionally, safety is guaranteed with frameless shower doors. They are made using extremely thick shower glass so that it would take a significant impact to damage the class. They are made using a thermal process that heats up the glass to a point where it’s far more durable – almost double, in fact – than a traditional window pane you might use. Please note, however, that you should be avoiding using any harsh chemicals when cleaning and try stick to recommended brands that we can provide you with – other brands can damage the effect or quality of the glass
  • Maintenance, however, is extremely easy. WetRepublicDesigns sells a wealth of frameless shower doors that take no time at all to clean and get into the best condition possibly, and we also make sure that soap build-up and filled pores within the glass are a problem for somebody else – the design style used makes sure that these frameless shower doors don’t built up grime and muck, instead giving you an easy cleaning solution. The door even helps encase the water within the shower, making sure there are no leaks or spills onto the bathroom floor – this saves you having to spend more time drying the floor than yourself
  • The glass itself is far thicker because it does not need the structural aid of the metal, making it much more durable than typical shower doors and much less likely to break. They also weigh, roughly, 25-20 pounds more than a traditional door which makes it much more effective as an actual door
  • The doors can open in any way you want, improving functionality dramatically – the doors tend to be able to hinged to either side, but it’s best left to a professional as putting a door on can be incredibly difficult without the right tools
  • Over time, your typical shower doors would start to corrode and weaken due to the heat & chemicals constantly surrounding them before and after a shower. With a frameless door though, you don’t have this same problem as doors are made with a different style and material, improving the overall quality of the door ten-fold

So what are you waiting for? Make sure that your shower looks as good as it can, and no longer needs the same cleaning operation post-shower with a frameless shower doors package. It’s cleaner, easier and far more efficient than the normal selections! Contact WetRepublicDesigns today for more information.

The Benefits of The Right Shower Doors

As a team of experts when it comes to fitting, supplying and understanding shower doors, WetRepublicDesigns believes that while frameless shower doors are quickly becoming the future for just about every modern bathroom out there, a solid framed equivalent is still brilliant to have.

We provide both framed and frameless shower doors in many sizes, styles and prices we do believe that for many people the benefits of using these products can make a huge difference to the overall quality and cleanliness of their bathroom. A strong shower door gives you extra protection from leakages, and can last you many years as WetRepublicDesigns only sells shower doors built to last for the long-term.

Shower doors are usually a large pane of glass varying in size and style, and thickness. Therefore, understanding what suits you best – a framed shower door or a frameless equivalent – is very important and will help you make the right decision so that your bathroom looks and feels just the way that you envisioned it at the start. So, what is your best option?

Framed Shower Doors

Less Expensive, thinner than the frameless shower door in several ways, this is the choice for many people who don’t have the excess budget to build a large scale shower with frameless equivalents. The benefit of framed showers is that they are less expensive and still hugely popular, so finding a high-quality equivalent Framed shower door worth the money with WetRepublicDesigns is really not hard at all. We only sell quality framed shower doors, but they are usually the option for those who are looking to scale back the costs.

The style and the format of the door changes entirely depending on what you are looking for – you can get fancy glass designs or a whole new shape to the frame, it just depends what you are looking for personally. Just make sure that any purchase you make off a framed shower door has enough space in your shower room to actually open out fully, so that accessibility is as possible as ever.

Frameless Shower Doors

While once only seen in movies and five star hotels, frameless shower doors are hugely popular today for a variety of reasons. It’s a massive trend for homes that want a more minimalist view and those who have a bit extra to spend on things like shower doors, as the benefits are very easy to see. It gives you the chance to get a strong and sustained piece of glass that is heavier, thicker and usually more durable in every way than a typical framed shower door. The glass is made in a different format, which ensures it can take the heat better a normal framed shower door.

It also makes it easier for the shower door to be cleaned and improved, and can come with very unique and awesome designs that make it perfect for the premium buyers out there who want to have the quality both in design and in efficiency. This is the perfect choice for any household that wants to grow and develop its shower room as large as possible, and make sure that it has the same qualities as the old five-star hotels we all used to dream about staying in.


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